Welcome to Chitradurga


Welcome to Chitradurga, the city of stone fortress, where time ages back to Mahabharatha. Known for it's world famous "stone fortress", city of Chitradurga, attracts tourists all around the world. City of Chitradurga stands for bravery, glory and prosperity. Visit Chitradurga to witness the city's glorious past in the History of Karnataka.



Chitradurga, the city of "legendary fort"

Welcome to Chitradurga. The city ages back to the time of Mahabharatha and has an immense historic value. Ruled by Great Madakari Nayaka, the city of Chitradurga stands for bravery, glory and prosperity. Visit Chitradurga to witness it's glorious past days in the History of Karnataka.

Getting Here

Chitradurga is situated in the heart of Karnataka state and very well connected by road to most of the major cities in the state.

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Being a historical place Chitradurga attracts many visitors all around the world. Many accommdation options are available.

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Places of Interest

Starting from most famous "stone fortress" to devotional places, city of Chitradurga offers many places for it's visitors.

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Chitradurga Fort

Locally it is known as ` Elu-suttina Kote' (seven encircles walled fort) and referred as one of the massive fort in South India . The fort covers a large...

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This is an ancient settlement located 1 km north-west of the Chitradurga Fort. Excavations carried-out here in 1928, 1947 and 1978 have revealed a sequence of three immediately successive cultures:...

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Ten kms. south of Chitradurga is this hill resort, situated at a height of 3803 ft. (The highest point in the district). The place is named after a yogi, who...

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Murugha Rajendra Math

About three miles to the north-west is situated the Murugha-Rajendra Matha, the residence of an eminent guru of the Lingayats. It is a large and well-built edifice, two-storeyed high, and...

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Vanivilas Sagar Dam

Thrity two kms from Chitradurga, this is an artificial lake, aslo called Marie Kanive, built by the Majaraja of Mysre, built across the river Vedavathi. Measuring 162 feet by 1300...

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      There is only one museum of historical and archaeological interest situated at Chitradurga where collections of antiquarian interest relating to the Nayak Paleyagars are exhibited. After the states...

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